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Planning an event is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of research and input. From what venue to select to what decorations need to be arranged, an event and its planning is a whole long process. 

But how do you know what is in and what is out?
With so many news portals and blogs, it is hard to get a one stop shop for your research needs. We at sceneonhai.com make sure to give you the latest updates from all around the industry. From celebrity weddings to some unique happenings, we make sure to cover all the events with you. 

We at sceneonhai.com take pride in the fact that we cover the events when and how they happen and provide our readers with a detailed insight into the event happenings. Our focus is greatly on celebrity weddings. 

Celebrity weddings are trend setters, getting an insight into this tells you of what is trending and what is in. Through this you can get an idea on how to go about your events. You get an idea on what venue to choose, what decorator you need, what theme to follow, what dress to wear, what makeup to get done and what photographer to hire. 

Not only this, we make sure to cover beyond the weddings. Not only do we focus on weddings but other happenings in the TV industry. 

Our blogs are focused onto providing you with happenings in the wedding industry as a whole too. From what preparations need to be done before wedding and what are the best possible ways of going about your event. The focus is not limited to local wedding industry but international ones too.

From what bridesmaid should wear to how the bridal shower needs to be organized. We make sure to cover all the aspects. If it is a western wedding you want or an eastern one, we bring you ideas from every sphere of life.

We tell you how to take your event every step of the way. Be it a wedding full of shenanigans pr a minimalistic wedding, we make sure your event is as per the trend. 

Our news includes all the latest gossip and news in the celebrity world so that you get some information while getting insight into the event planning world. 

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